October 4, 2005

These Toys Stink. Literally.

lamaze_octopus.jpgI'd forgotten that the kid's Lamaze Multi-sensory Clutch Cube--a favorite toy--smelled like green apples. Maybe it doesn't matter; the kid loved it, and so did we. But what'd we know? We loved it because the kid loved it, and it kept her enthralled and happy when she was 3 months old.

This weekend, we found out another Lamaze toy--a gigantic octopus with heavy, flailing legs--which some friends have, smelled like vanille. Actually, it smelled like having a hundred vanilla car fresheners duct-taped to your face.

My wife reminded me that the kid's favorite plastic-headed doll smells like vanilla, too. [I checked; it does, but it's not nearly as bad.]

I'm sure this isn't an accident, but a well-meaning-yet-disgusting pedagogical blunder. Now I have to watch out for toys that smell, too?

And as for teaching my kid about smells, Thanks. between the homemade pesto and the farting, I'm sure she's getting a very broad education without sniffing up some chemical-laden toys.

OR you may love that kind of thing. Suit yourself:
The Lamaze Octotunes ("great vanilla scent"!) is $24.99 at Imaginarium/Amazon

Oh, and Pat The Bunny says it smells like flowers, but it's more like floral bathroom deodorizer.


have you ever smelled a tangiball? ball with tiny spikes all over it, making it easy to pick up and grab .. has a hole in it so you can squeeze it ... be prepared for a blast of vanilla scent when you do

We don't have any of these toys, thankfully. I can't think of anything more disgusting than a vanilla or green applescented toy (well, I guess I can, but I won't). Who invents this crap?

My mom got our daughter a baby doll for Christmas last year and despite 9 months out of the package and multiple baths the thing still REEKS of rose scent....like the worst cheap perfume you can imagine. I get a headache everytime I'm within 5 feet of the thing.

So I agree...who invents this crap??

I got two words for y'all:

Stawberry. Shortcake.

My son's fave teething objects are the hand and foot that come as a set, I believe from IQBaby. They are vanilla scented, which I think makes him want to bite them even more. Regardless of the smell, I still recommend the product. Rose scented on the other hand - that's unacceptable.

My husband is quite disturbed by our son's Lamaze Apple (which is red)-- it is green apple scented which he finds to be very misleading to the child. He also thinks that it looks like a hamburger.


We work in the food biz, so nothing is more offensive (well, ok, fast food, and Seals Super Merc "V"agon) to us that fake scents and smells.

Wouldn't you rather have a child (in MY PERFECT WORLD, LOL) that knows what a red grape really tastes like? Or, knows what a rose really smells like? How about a heirloom tomato? ("Mommy, that tomato has green stripes, it's not red and tasteless like all the others, Yuck").

Don't get me wrong, we hit In and Out Burger once in a blue moon. But really, fake scented toys? Yuck.

The other day I discovered that Mr. Clean has new scented cleansers. One of the scents is "green apple." It smells just like a green apple Jolly Rancher. I can't imagine how the idea of "toxic cleansers that smell like candy in easy-open bottles" actually made it into the stores. I hope they figure out that this isn't a good idea before some kid actually dies from drinking it.

Of all the heated topics we've had here, I can't believe 'kids toys that smell like stuff' is headed in that same direction.

Sure, I'd rather my daughter smell the real stuff, but I could care less if the toys smell like stuff.

And I agree, Pat The Bunny smells awful!

Yeah, such passion over the smells...

We've had the Lamaze shape sorter thing since the early months. There's an apple scented shape, which used to disturb me somewhat. Fortunately, she ignored it for months and now that she's interested in sorting, the smell has faded.

Maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I can't muster the energy to be passionate about apple sceent nowadays

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