October 4, 2005

Strollers For Porsche Drivers

And all these years, you thought those license plate frames and stroller bumper stickers were just a joke. British DT reader Paula's vexing circumstance proves otherwise. Can anyone help her out with the info?

Checking out this website, as the 'mummys' ones do not cover my question:

Will the Quinny Zapp fit into the front bonnet space of a 911 ???

P.S Our other pushchair is a Bugaboo Frog -It's pretty great, So, I can recommend that, but it doesn't fit in there.

A Bugaboo doesn't fit inside the bonnet of a 911? Hell, a Bugaboo barely fit inside the boot of a Mercedes R-Class. [Granted, I didn't break it down, but I'm trying to sympathize here.]


Folded, the Zapp is supposedly 69 x 27 x 30 cm, or 56 liters, well within the 135 liters capacity of the newest 911, or even the 105 liters of the AWD 911 S. But what matters is the dimensions (of both the Zapp dimensions when folded--with the seat fabric on--and the luggage compartment) and the year of the car.

Before the 2005 model, the emergency tire took up most of the space, making anything bulkier than a toothbrush or a garment bag a real challenge. But last year, Porsche dropped the spare tire, and now the luggage compartment has some actual, usable space for the first time. The image above DOES look promising, as long as you take out that suitcase, of course. But forget the roof rack; you might as well take the Bug.

If someone out there has any two of the following: a Zapp, a pre-2005 911, and a tape measure, please chime in. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to recommend playing it safe--and trading the car in for a 2005 or later.

911 Carrera S in Detail [porsche.com/uk]

Quinny Zapp: Size matters
Porsche Car Seats
"My other stroller is a Bugaboo" t-shirts, from Celebrity Baby Blog


Greg - The actual folded measurements of our Zapp are 71 x 29.21 x 33 cm, although you may be able to squish a few more cm out of it. I agree with your assessment; it's likely not going to fit. So you have several options.

#1 Throw it in the backseat area, and probably even leave some room for a toddler.

#2 Take out the extra tire. It's really not that important, anyhow.

#3 Do the natural parent thing and break down and get the Cayenne.


Clearly I am in the wrong demographic for this blog...

[Please stay. And since you don't seem busy, I've got a squash lesson right now; could you just wash the car and have it back to me in about an hour? Thaaanks. -ed.]

LOL @ Lee's comment...sometimes I feel the same way!


Anyone know if they sell the Zapp bicycle bracket in Canada? It's now easy to find the stroller, but the bike attachment doesn't seem to be available over here.

- Kirk.


In your comment about the R-Class Mercedes, didn't you mention you have both a Lexus and a BMW?

[I think she meant because I mention ghetto stuff like making onesies out of old t-shirts. -ed.]


Yes, we do have both, but we are far from rich! We just know how to save. I doubt we'll ever own a 911.

[maybe it's a psychographic vs a demographic. I always figured Porsche drivers only saw their kids on alternate weekends and for two weeks in the summer. -ed.]

LOL...I was thinking the same thing about the demographics for this blog. Fortunately there's the post about the cheap sippy cups to help balance things. Ahhhh, if only I could have problems like "I can't fit my $800 stoller in my $90,000 car's trunk..." :)

b-o-o h-o-o

You can try a QuickSmart as it is the smallest stroller I've ever come across. http://www.quicksmartstroller.com.au/first.html

The Porsche and new dads title got my attention.
Ive got my first baby on the way and have just been shopping for our first pram. How confusing is that? Not being one for 2 or 3 wheels we opted for the M&P Pliko Prammete which is a complete system including car seat. Now, here is the rub, we had fun fitting the pram in the narrow and short boot of the wife's Audi A2, I dare not mention the Porsche. I have a 1984 3.2 Carrera 911 which Im backdating to 73 look. I dare not ask if the seat will fit in 1973 Recaro race bucket seats! Ah well at least it means I wont be expected to do any baby runs in it.

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