October 2, 2005

The DT Bestseller List 05Q3

Except for a couple dozen of you, most Daddy Types readers buy their Bugaboos elsewhere. But according to Amazon's quarterly report, a fair number of you did buy books, basics, and gear from here last quarter. You see, when you click through from Daddy Types to buy stuff from Amazon/Babies R Us, babystyle, or Target, you're helping the kid go to Harvard. And for this, I thank you anonymous (to me) online shoppers from the bottom of the kid's 529 plan. Did I mention she can speak French?

Daddy Types Bestselling Books
gas_thumb.jpg1) First Book of Sushi by Amy Wilson Sanger
2) Urban Babies Wear Black by Michelle Sinclair Colman, Nathalie Dion
3) Who's Peeking? by Charles Reasoner
4) Be Prepared : A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg & Jeannie Hayden
5) Touchpoints: Your Child's Emotional and Behavioral Development: Birth-3: The Essential Reference for the Early Years by T. Berry Brazelton
5) The Gas We Pass by Shinta Cho

The tie between Brazelton and The Fart Book is the reason I'm posting this, btw.

Daddy Types Bestselling Music
tmbg_no.jpg1) They Might Be Giants: Here Comes The ABC's
2) Greasy Kid Stuff: Songs From Inside The Radio
3) Threesome box set by Michelle Shocked [Got No Strings by itself was #6]
4) No! by They Might Be Giants
5) Half These Songs Are About You by Nizlopi [and it's an import, too. Gotta love the JCB Song]

Daddy Types Bestselling Other Stuff That Isn't From Seventh Generation
Dads love a bargain, too, so it's no surprise that the top 15+ bestselling items were from Seventh Generation. [The Top 5 7G items were diapers, wipes, toilet paper, baby laundry detergent and, oddly, Natural Mint Scent Toilet Bowl Cleaner.] Here are the non-7G top five:
nikon_d50_thumb.jpg1) Pampers Economy Pack diapers (var. sizes)
2) Lamaze Multi-sensory Clutch Cube
3) Pampers Bibsters [lg & sm]
4) Huggies Ultra-Gentle Unscented Baby Wipes, refill packs
5) Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera [see the DT post]
5) Diaper Champ

Which makes me seriously consider changing the name of this site to DaddyFlogsDigitalCameras.com.


Is it just stuff that you feature, or anything purchased at Amazon?

[anything anyone buys after going to Amazon or babystyle, etc. via a link on Daddy Types. For example, if you clicked here to buy some Pampers, and you decided to pick up those 50" flatscreen tv's at the same time, DT'd get a piece of that TV action, too. -ed.]

TMBG getting a little respect! Sweet. I just showed my 2yo Here Comes the ABCs DVD this weekend and he kinda liked it. Too bad Bed, Bed, Bed didn't make it into the book list.

Also, Nikon D50? I'd figure it'd be the D70, but I guess that it is still too pricy.

"Can't shake the Devil's Hand and say your only kidding"

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