September 29, 2005

Seal Drives An Urban Jungle! Leni Drives A--Huh? An Eddie Bauer?

eddie_bauer_carseat.jpgHere are some highlights from the latest installment of the Seal-Klum Paparazzi Ambush Hour:

  • Seal's definitely rockin' the Euro Mountain Buggy, aka the Urban Jungle. [tiny brunopress pic here]
  • Mrs. Seal can be seen driving the Mother of All Wagons to Toys R Us...
  • ...with the assistant clipping little Leni Eddie Bauer Summit car seat from Cosco, $119 at Target. [another brunopress image here]

    Gotta give'em credit, they're not afraid to mix the high and low.

    They also appear to be surrounded by a concentric swarms of security (both hired and borrowed), and paparazzi who trail them wherever they go. That's gotta get old. And frankly--and I've said this before, yet I still keep posting paparazzi shots--it makes me feel a little dirty. As a dad, I want them to be able to live and parent in peace. Is it LA that's the problem? The added price for going to predictably celebrity-concentrated shopping centers? What?

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