September 29, 2005

Robot Crib Rockers: You're Getting Sleeeeepy.

lullabub.jpgSo apparently there's an Australian company that's launching some synchronized, remote-controlled, crib-rocking caster system called Lullabubs.

I worry that lately I've become a bit jaded or cynical when it comes to baby gear marketing, bloglinking clusterf--never mind. What interests me most about Lullabubs is their publicity history.

Sept. 22
"Hey! Rock your crib via remote control." This Cradle Rocks - Literally [cnet]

Sept. 23
"but it's not actually on the market yet" Lullabub Cot Rocker rocks baby to sleep for you [jay at bloggingbaby]

Sept. 23-24
Five emails with the link [but don't get me wrong, I appreciate it]

Sept. 25
Lullabub inventor defents invention on bloggingbaby comment thread

Sept. 25-29
Four more emails [keep'em comin', folks, seriously]

Sept. 29
"You'd think that someone would have figured this out already."
I, Robot Cradle [gizmodo]
Robot feet turns crib into cradle [boingboing]

Jan. 17
Doormat-shaped robot gently jiggles your baby to sleep
The Doormat That Rocks The Cradle [dt]

14 years developing casters which "mimic the rhythmic movement of the uterus"
Sleepy, the Swiss-made Miracle Caster [dt]

Sept. 23, 2004
Wow. Exactly one year ago, I actually wrote: "What's interests me about the Caring Cot is it's publicity history."
The Caring Cot: Pampers-sponsored Crib-rocking Robot [dt]


We're only trying to help, Greg :(

Hey, to be fair, I did preface my email by saying I thought we covered this before...

[no, no, no, it's not you; it's me. I should've listened more closely and posted sooner. I'm sorry I let you down.

And besides, if it weren't for those earlier posts, I might never have become so many peoples' go-to guy for odd baby gear. And I don't want to betray that trust. And it's not like I'm just saying that for your Bud Light, either. -ed.]

What those things need is an MP3 player, so they can play lullabies and rock in time with the music.

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