September 27, 2005

Looking Back, The Five O'Clock Nap May Have Been A Mistake

After a day of driving; finding the playground at some Maryland Chick-fil-A (my favorite Christian chicken sandwich restaurant) was too big for her but staying too long anyway; and then running through a few hours of the kid's amped up exploration of the DC house she hasn't been in for a week, I was all too happy to let her edgy self sleep for an hour or so--at five o'clock.

In hindsight, that turns out to have been a tactical error. The kid was AWAKE for nearly two hours past her normal bedtime of 8-8:30. Gotta watch those tradeoffs.


Ah, the old cat-nap. We try to never let our kids take them. It always turns out bad. It seems like they can take a cat-nap and be totally charged up, as if they took their full naps. Beware parents! The cat-nap is a trap!

The Schedule is a very powerful force that shouldn't be trifled with. If you are good to The Schedule then The Schedule will be good to you.

I remember reading somewhere that--and I feel dirty just typing this--John Travolta was doling out parenting advice and said that, yeah, his kids had a routine when they were really little, but hey, he let them stay up late with him sometimes. If they sleep in in the morning, what's the big deal?

Couldn't find the link, but instead, I found this story on how he now lives and works at night to avoid the nuisances of fans and the paparazzi. His kids do it to see their dad. Their dad who totally weirds me out.

Are we sure that Travolta is not staying up all night to commune with the spirit of L.Ron Hubbard or something?
Or maybe clarify his prions or muons or latke energy centers or something like that?
Not that I'm dumping on anyone's religion, mind you.

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