September 23, 2005

Stokke-Spotting At MoMA


I thought the Stokke Kinderzeats at MoMA's restaurant were at The Modern, the Danny Meyer spot on the groundfloor. And they may be, who knows, but there were eight Kinderzeats lined up at the entrance to the second floor cafe yesterday, too. If you were waiting to see what color MoMA had before ordering yours, don't worry; they have it. [Personally, I was surprised by how nice the black looked.]

Get yer Stokke Kinderzeat at Amazon or from babystyle
for $200 [, which has a big whoop $8 discount on highchairs now.]

1 Comment

Hi there -
We have the black one and it does look nice - SUPER NICE. Its really cool.

Greetz from Switzerland

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