September 17, 2005

No Brooklyns In Brooklyn: NYC Baby Names 2004

New York City has released a report of the most popular names given to the 124,099 babies born in the city in 2004. There's a top ten names for boys and girls overall, and the city compiled top ten lists for white, black, hispanic, and asian babies as well.

Best of all, though, is the most frequent names (overall and by giant racial bucket). It lists all the names with at least 10 occurrences. The list looks to be equal parts beautiful mosaic and melting pot: Kayla's #3 overall, and the #1 Hispanic name is Justin.

Our kid's name made it, but pretty far down the list, which is a relief, in a way. There are a couple of close-sounding names right near the top, though, so we may have found ourselves in an inadvertent trend, rather than an, um, advertent one.

One name that's missing: Brooklyn. I hear it's very popular in Utah, though.

[An ugh-here-goes-my-evening update:
Cheyenne: 45
Paris: 60, but only 5 aren't black (44) or hispanic (11) girls
Apple: didn't make the list. this year.]
"Michael" and "Emily" remain top NYC baby names in 2004 [ summary]
Popular Baby Names 2004 [, pdf]

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Right--what's your kid's name? Looking at the list, our Sophie is in a similar predicament to yours...

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