September 15, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol. 2

There's so much good stuff out there, I might have to pick up the pace on this daddy blog roundup thing:
  • It's cheating, I know, but I gotta start with a little meta. Metrodad gives Props For The Pops, highlighting a dozen new daddy blogs he likes. Did I say likes? He loves, em, man, although they're still not gonna give him their Bud. Put the kid down for a nap and start reading up.
  • Alan writes about the slobbery joys of a 9-month-old kisser on Because I'm Your Father. Warning: much awwww-cuteness, some grossness.
  • Simple Dad may have learned the gender of his unborn child from a fortune cookie. His friend, meanwhile, learned how to say 'lobster' in Chinese.
  • Speaking of urinals, I just noticed that Dutch has a very A post about Bjorn urinal etiquette. [When necessary, I've one-armed the kid at the urinal, resorting with limited success, to distracting the kid by asking what she sees behind us, Or else just holding her close and high enough that she doesn't get a really good downward viewing angle.]
  • In the beginning was the Flying Spaghetti Monster coloring book. Just in time for back-to-school, AJ at Thingamababy compiles a helpful list of parenting resources for Pastafarians.
  • AJ also showcases five t-shirts for dads [daddy type, *cough cough*], including this one from, for the extremely small subset of people who both read binary code and reproduce. It says "dad."
  • Modern Day Dad gives a plug to a new podcast for dads called, what else, "Who's Your Daddy?" (It's the Jack/Sofia of dad-related phrases). Judging by the episode I'm listening to right now, I'd call it "Dad's World. Excellent." The latest episode is all about breasts. Party on, dads.
  • With "non-napping" a recurring theme, Mr. Nice Guy reflects on his first four months of fatherhood: honestly? i still don't feel like a dad...i feel more like the proud owner of some rare pet: a wild drooling hairless north american simian dwarf. she's cute, but a human? you have yet to convince me."
  • On his blogDadology [via the bean's dad], an Oxford UK dad mentions he worked for several months on the new BBC series, "He's Having A Baby." Rebel Dad mentioned the show last week, and judging by the website, it seems extremely normal, maybe even useful and entertaining. It's on BBC3 weeknights at 830pm, if anyone cares to give a report...
  • "I'm Luke, I'm 5, and my dad's Bruce Lee, and he drives me around in his JCB..." The Bean's Dad is currently listening to Nizlopi, whose video [above] for The JCB Song is as awesomely, touchingly cute as the song itself. dad choke-up alert: It's about a 5-year-old kid (with dyslexia) whose dad gives him a break from the bullies at school by picking him up on his backhoe. [Daddy, Papa & Me posted the backstory last month.]
  • And in the time it took me to compile this list, the team at BloggingBaby has posted another 100 things.

    I love these daddy blogs, they are better than the mommy ones! I have a question for the informed dads, have you heard of the World's Fair for Kids? I want to take my kids next year, but need some more info. Thanks!

    It's like the World's Fair for Adults, only smaller.

    Given the few sites linking to the official site, I'm not inspired to attend. Just go to Disneyland. They have big rodents. Kids love the rodents.

    thank you kindly for the shoutout, daddy.

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