September 15, 2005

Nabisco KidSense Snacks: Almost Good For You

kidsense_grahams.jpg"We know it's not always easy to find great tasting snacks that you feel good about giving to your kids-[and so we figure you'll pay through the nose for this largely empty box of Teddy Grahams made without high fructose corn syrup--which, to be honest for a split second, we shouldn't even be putting in there to begin with, but hey--which is sitting right in front of you.]"

Instant soup's never been an issue, and I'm adamant about only giving the kid the crusts of my Pop Tarts. But when I see the alarming obesity that is American childhood, and when I read how much high fructose corn syrup kids ingest because a combination of Archer Daniels Midland hegemony and hyper-politicized cane sugar producer protectionism has made it the low-cost standard for the entire Food Industrial Complex, I AM almost ready to run into the welcoming embrace of Nabisco's KidSense "better-for-you versions" of their regular products, even if they cost twice as much.

But then I think, "better than what? Oh, that's right, better than the stuff you've been selling me for the last twenty years? Would it kill you to make ALL your products 'better-for-us'? Because judging by the rates of childhood diabetes and heart disease in this country, it's killing everyone else right now."

That said, the KidSense Teddy Graham Cubs ARE delicious. And so cute! []


AMEN, my brutha!

oh Greg, don't get me started! I totally agree and wish people would stop buying and feeding crappy food to their kids. Ugh! I'm a fanatical label-reader and refuse to purchase foods made with MSG, artificial colors or flavors. I've relented a little on the hydrogenated oils and corn syrup front because my oldest son has threatened to run away from home.

Our favorite snacks for Mr. Boy are: Odwalla protein bars, Kashi Mighty Bites cereal, and Trader Joe's breakfast bars (so much better tasting & cheaper than NutriGrain) and their Cats Cookies for People. We keep the diaper bag stocked with these. The TJ's fig breakfast bar may also preclude you from having to resort to baby enemas...

And then you send kiddie to daycare where they slavishly follow the USDA guidelines on food from each group--but serve white bread, not wheat; sugary juice (and popsicles--where are popsicles in the food groups?), processed meat product (our vegetarian baby wants to eat what her pals are eating, so...).

It's sick. I thought we were fighting a war on obesity. Or is it crime--no, drugs. Wait, terrorism. Wasn't it once poverty? Anyway, how does this diet promote healthy eating?

Yeah I could stay at home with her, but then we wouldn't be able to afford to feed her much more than mush..

When I click the "Nutrition Information" button it goes back to the main page with a "Not Found" error.

They are "flaky, buttery, delicious" and "made with real Kraft cheese" so they must be nutritious, right?

I have yet to understand why I should buy Teddy Grahams, vs regular old graham crackers?

[um, because they're AWESOME?? They have a sugary coating, the chocolate ones are like eating Oreos...hmmm. I guess there's a lot of room for a "healthier" Teddy Graham. -ed.]

Is there some sort of junior peer pressure thing? You know, like with the toy strollers...

so... I saw a variety pack box of their Kidsense products today and brought it home -- $4 for 24 packets, yo. I made the mistake of not reading the freakin' ingredients until I got home, it is, after all, supposed to be a healthy snack product. Apparently, MSG in the Cheese Nips is an ok and healthy ingredient. grrrrrr

ALMOST good for you is right! Bite me, Nabisco.

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