September 12, 2005

Audioslave Onesie

audioslave_onesie.jpgAudioslave's Chris Cornell shows off his daughter Toni, who's sporting a bit of the band's merchandise, a black Onesie with an Audioslave logo on it. [Uh, that would be a black bodysuit, not a Onesie, Chris. Gerber's lawyers are almost as hungry as the RIAA's.]

In sizes from 6-18 months, it's $16.99 at's storesite. []

[update: the same company, Giant Merchandising, operates shops for a bunch of other bands, too, but Korn is the only other one with baby stuff. their Korn Onesey (sic) is also $16.99.]
[image: Reuters, at Celebrity-Baby Blog]


Is it an infringement to say, say....1-Z

[I figure I only use it to talk about the fine products of the Gerber company (5%) and to quote other people using it to describe their non-Gerber products (95%). -ed.]

Heh, that's pretty cool.. I play in a band, and also felt the need to adorn my child in clothing featuring our logo.

LOL - I just noticed that onesie, ummm, full body suit, the other day when contemplating buying tickets to their show here in Everett, WA. $17 is a bit much for a 'full body suit' though.

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