September 11, 2005

Seal Drives A Stokke!!!


[image: kikapress via celebrity baby blog]

Well played, Stokke, well played.

Seal also wears 10-year-old grey t-shirts with pictures of himself on them. [I hear you, bro, you need new, self-referential, asphalt-colored t-shirts. I got ya covered!]

Wild guess, but you've probably got a looong way to go before you're like Seal; buying a Stokke Xplory may be the easiest/only thing you can do.
Of course, you'll still need a Bugaboo. [Previously: Seal Drives A Bugaboo!!!]


We have seen these at 4 shops now and at every one the plastic coating is pealing off the handle on the display model. May be better to wait until the 2.0 unit to be released.

He's wearing his own picture on his shirt???? I have several thoughts:
1. Must have been stuck with alot of them following tour - thus thrifty and sensible if unsuccessful.
2. So busy being daddy and husband he didn't even notice said garment.
3. Clearly daddy types tshirt dirty.

Is that a fat George Clooney behind seal. Double celebrity photo!

duncan, I thought it was the guy from CSI.

I thought it was Alec Baldwin.

Who cares who the guy is. Have you noticed that Heidi Klum is standing there?

btw: Greg, shouldn't you post her pictures from Vitals magazine?

[lol, no kidding. I'll leave the pregnant cheesecake to CBB for now. Women are some of DT's biggest advocates, and so I'm a little wary of going too far down the Maxim route. Besides, isn't this the time of life when every man can find a pleasantly enhanced rack right in the comfort of his own home? -ed.]

I'm a woman...and have no problem with your venturing down the Maxim route if you choose...

I'm sure it would be a heck of a lot better/wittier than the vapid blog on CBB about the size of Heidi's protuding belly. Brutal.

Well there you go. Bring on the cheesecake.

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