September 9, 2005

Where's The Bamboo Crib?

Bamboo's the new hotness, materials-wise. It's ecologically friendly, wears like iron, and new laminating and bending technologies make it increasingly cost-competitive with hardwoods when it comes to flooring, etc. Successful designs like the MoxBox prove it can be used in high-end furniture as well.

So where is my bamboo crib? And although it looks cool for strollers in China, I'm not talking about some Gilligan's Island-looking thing lashed together from bamboo sticks. I'd love to see a contemporary design crib made out of bamboo board/wood. If you've seen one, let me know; if you're working on one, let me know off the record, if necessary. If you've worked with bamboo and can talk about the issues and challenges for something like this, let me know that, too. thanks.

Previously: MoxBox Bamboo Storage from ModernTots; Chinese bamboo strollers


Don't forget the Calfee Bamboo Bike. Flyness.

Check out this company:
They make baby furniture (cribs etc..) made of Bamboo Panels.
I think their designs are great and would love to carry them, maybe in the future.

[sure enough, there's one. thanks, Pazit. -ed.]

all i could find...and only because i am in the market for one...

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