September 8, 2005

Yikes! Crazyman Stabs Baby On UUWS

A "bearded and bespectacled madman" from the neighborhood nuthouse attacked a 10-month old baby. in her stroller. with a knife. repeatedly. On the street. 171st St. Washington Heights. In broad daylight. While the kid was being pushed by her 20-year old nanny. [Yeah, seems kinda young to me, too. Suddenly I want an ex-Mossad agent for my nanny.]

To her credit, though, the nanny screamed bloody murder [literally, in this case], scooped up the baby, jumped in a livery cab, rushed her to Columbia Presbyterian down the street, and appears to have saved her life. She's in critical condition.

Name? No, but good guess. The other one. Isabelle.
What? No, I don't know how you can even ASK that in a situation like this. But if you must know: it was a Graco rolling on a Kolcraft Universal car seat carrier. The cooler, silver one.

Baby Gets Knifed While In Stroller [gothamist, w/pic]
Madman stabs baby girl [nydn]


I saw this and it just made me so sad. Since becoming a parent I just have no stomach for anything that even sniffs of violence towards children. I can't even imagine what those parents must be going through....

That's it. I'm either getting my nanny a gun or I'm bullet-proofing the Bugaboo. What about a kevlar onesie? Anyone make those yet, Greg? Get your people on it!

A kevlar onesie...awesome suggestion, sign me up! :)

On a more serious note, this completely and utterly sucks! Since becoming a dad I've contemplated what I would do if someone harmed my little girl...probably continuing my blog from jail. "Eye for an eye" is a very attractive theory of justice when considering my own child.

If anyone ever hurt my children I would have to kill them. whether with my bare hands or with the business end of my m16 would depend on circumstance, but rest assured they would die...

I made my wife a promise when our son was born: that I would not do anything that would make it so she would be left alone to raise him on her own. This would strain this promise to the breaking point.

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