September 6, 2005

Slex Sleuther: What's Up With This Swiss High Chair

slex_high_chair.jpgI saw this high chair on the website of a cool Barcelona design store, Vincon, and now that I did, I remembered someone writing me about it a couple of months ago, but there's hardly any other information available for it. It's called the Slex Uno, and it's from Switzerland. Like the Stokke Kinderzeat/Tripp Trapp it vaguely ressembles, it can pull up to the table, and it grows along with the kid.

Unlike the wooden Stokke, though, it's more contemporary, made from steel and abs plastic in IKEA-friendly colors [we have little ikea stools in exactly green, pink, blue and grey]. Which reminds me, the Slex folds flat.

There's supposedly an optional infant kit (footrest, safety bar and tray), it meets a whole raft of European safety standards, but Vincon doesn't list it, and no other retailers seem to carry any of it.

Slex Evolution [?] Baby Chair, EUR115 before VAT, which you shouldn't have to pay if you export it. []
Slex Uno folds, Super-Slex doesn't, but that's all I got from []


Where was that a year ago!? Too late now. We'd own it for 5 minutes before he figured out how to adjust its height to reach the cereal. Or when combined with the laundry basket, the cookies.

you can see some photos here.

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