September 5, 2005

Marcel Wanders Pebbles Stool For Magis: More Cute Plastic

What, with all these posts about plastic furniture now, you'd think I spent the weekend reading This time, it's the Pebbles stool by Marcel Wanders, which were available in clear polystyrene (red, blue, grey, or yellow) for a while, but all but the blue have been discontinued. now they're made out of opaque abs plastic in either orange or white.

The beauty is that the stools also serve as storage containers, and they wheel around on little casters for easy, um, wheeling.

They're made for the plastic people at Magis, whose slogan, "If it has a 'polyethyl-' in front of it, you know Magis is behind it!" sounds better in Italian.

Unica Home has Pebbles, including one yellow one left, for $96. []

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