September 4, 2005

Triobike: Danish for "I'll Never Own A Car"


Last thing I'll lift from Treehugger this weekend, I swear. The Triobike is a Danish transport system that is a bike, a stroller/pram, and a bike-stroller-pram all in one. The large sidecar-looking pod fits on the front of the bike, allowing you to pedal around with 1-2 children in it, or you can use it to transport gear, groceries, whatever. But it also functions as a stand-alone bike and wheelbarrow/stroller. While it looks very simplistic, apparently the internal Shimano gears and brakes are quite sophisticated. Which is good, because it costs $2,450. Which would've sounded like a lot last week, but ends up equalling about 15 fillups for a Lincoln Navigator.

Check it out at Treehugger, or at Index 2005, an upcoming sustainable design competition, or (if you read Danish) at


Honestly after driving in Denmark I would be happy to think that they would turn in their car keys and just ride bikes.

--Typical Danish driver: "Hmm let me see if I can pass these three cars and the large truck ahead of me on this twisty road on an up hill curve at 180 km/h while not paying any attention to the road on the left where someone might be coming out of while I'm heading into town."

I want someone to come up with something like this that would be even vaguely feasible for winter. Because until they do this kind of stuff is just more design wankery.

[It's not the Chariot Carrier? It has ski attachments and converts to a bike trailer. -ed.]

Greg, we're a model down from that one... I suppose a pulk would work as well..

Man, that is awesome. I knew an old hippie friend with something like it, but I think he fashioned it from old lead pipes, a wheel barrow, and a bike pilfered from the landfill.

Hope you don't mind, I mentioned it (and linked to your blog entry) in my own blog,

Great site!

[no problem, just don't use lead around the kid, right?. -ed.]

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