September 4, 2005

'Feng Shui': Chinese For 'Ceramics Hayloft'

Worried that feng shui'ing your kid's nursery would involve too much esoteric equipment from China? Or at least Chinatown? No sweat. In a remarkable coincidence of thousand-year-old energy flow management and fresh-from-b-school-style mass market consumerism, the key ingredients to a well-feng-shui'd nursery are: cleansing fresh air, and cribs, mobiles and wallpaper in soothing pastel colors. And avoid too much blue or pink.

Now if only there were giant big-box/catalog retailers who could provide such auspicious decorating assistance at a reasonable price...

Feng Shui for a Baby's Nursery
also, lots of prisms []

1 Comment

Feng Shui plays alot in the part of well being and can be sensitive for kids.

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