September 4, 2005

Because Models Are Known For Their Good Eating Habits

Does your child have what it takes to be a supermodel? She already knows how to throw up, and that's important. But technically, she has to eat, if only in order to throw up later, and last I checked, it's illegal to feed an infant the standard model diet Marlboros and vodka.

So who ever are you going to turn to to get your kid on the cover of Cookie Magazine? If only there were a supermodel, with a kid, who was obsessing over food and not gaining weight.

"I found all I wanted to do was give him perfect, unadulterated food. It would be wonderful to come up with good, maybe even convenience, food which is really healthy, low-calorie, organic and delicious."
Liz Hurley, is there anything you can't do?

Liz Hurley to Launch Organic Baby Food Line
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1 Comment

I take it she is unaware there are already several organic babyfood lines available. Even Walmart carries organic babyfood!

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