September 3, 2005

New Yorker Profiles The (Manhattan) Car Seat Lady

Men, of course, do not give birth, but they have their own shadow form of labor: installing the babys car seat. This seemingly simple job has ruined plenty of golfing Saturdays, even for guys who solved Rubiks Cube when they were younger. Thankfully, in Manhattan theres an expert for everything, and if youre expecting a son and have no idea how to get him home from the hospital, you can call Alisa Baer, the Car Seat Lady.
Alisa is on urbanbaby a lot, or you can reach her at her website, She charges $60 to give your carseat the install of your life.

The Talk Of The Town: Public Safety: Car Seat Lady []

Queens has one, too, and she was profiled in Newsday.


Just buy yourself a Mighty Tite for $20 and save the difference.

Check with the safety division of your local PD, many have officers that are trained to do the same thing for free. I had a choice of over a dozen people/agencies in a small town in Texas where I live.

Yes, but will they Feng Shui the interior of your car at the same time?

{I'm pretty sure feng shui is extra. -ed.]

Yeah, but the Mighty-Tite is such an awful idea, i don't even know where to start:

Really, save yourself the whole $45 and go to a free car seat check. Check and it will list all of the Chrysler dealerships with CPS Technicians. Also, has this PDF of car seat inspection events happenign across the US, listed by state.

Just about every city has someone trained to install/check carseats. Usually at police stations or fire stations. Plus, it's free.

I went to Alisa - the car seat lady - and she was fantastic. having been to a fire department's free service i have to say that she was well worth the $45. she was more thorough, more knowledgable, and really took the time to explain to ME everything that had to be done and the why's behind everything. i left with peace of mind and a lot more knowledge about car seats than i ever knew was possible.

also, for those suggesting the mighty-tite, the car and car seat manufacturers are concerned enough about the danger of it that it negates the car and car seat warranties if you use the mighty-tite

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