September 1, 2005

They're Coming For Your Che Guevara Onesie

che_onesie.jpgNo, not the uber-capitalist trademark enforcers from Gerber, the uber-capitalist trademark enforcers from Marxist revolutionary rebel Che Guevara's relatives.

While squabbling with each other over who owns the copyright to the Korda photo of Che that became the world-famous stencil, Guevara's family members are vowing to fight unauthorized commercial use of the image around the world. [Uh, never mind that Korda's heirs own the copyright? And that the stencil, which arguably made the photo famous, was created by Jim Fitzpatrick. So get in line, Senora Guevara.]

Anyway, Appaman is still making their sweet Che bodysuits for kids, this season they're in a mushroom or powder blue, and Babesta has last fall's orange ones for $25. Get them before a flotilla of Cuban lawyers lands at Coney Island and starts serving Appaman with cease&desist orders.

Che Guevara long-sleeved bodysuit--sorry, it's called Sage--from Appaman []
Babesta ("cool threads for badass babies") has Che bodysuits for $24.95 []
Che Guevara's family to fight use of famed photo [cnn/reuters, via robotwisdom]
That Che Image And The Guy Who Made It []

1 Comment

My kid will be sooo cool with her orange Che shirt. Thanks for the link.

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