August 31, 2005

Which One Of You Drove The $6,000 Crib?

miguel_malpensa.jpgDT readers should recognize this kind of article. Knight Ridder reported last month that a lot of the modernist designs appearing in the kid's furniture market these days are being driven by designer/parents who are fed up with the same tired old schlock. The article namechecks parent company manufacturers like Netto, Oeuf, Nurseryworks, and Argington, while getting good quote from online retail vets at Modernseed and Sparkability, too.

One newcomer, though, will be of interest to anyone who went to ICFF in New York. Miguel, whose crib upholstered in white tufted Italian leather was a definite eyecatcher at the furniture fair, has added more of the company's nursery line on its site now, and it includes some rather sweet casework pieces--changing tables and dressers--that are as understated as the cribs are over-the-top.

The Malpensa and Milano models have a nice, mid-century Knoll-like vibe, while the 'E' models are more contemporary. And everything converts to a bar, an endtable, or a daybed once the kid outgrows it. That crib, for example, called the Sandra, converts into a bar at the Royalton. The pieces are all made in Italy, and range in price from $4300-5800.

Expensive? Yes. Next question?

Parents take furniture into own hands []
Miguel: "the world's finest modern children's furniture" []



I love the sharp corners on that sucker. I'd love to bounce off of that thing, or bang Jr. into it, while trying to navigate a late night feeding/changing.

Oh, but wait, we have Jr. in his "perfect head" headgear and protective body suit 24/7 (sponsored by Coors Light) - no worries then, bring it on.

[doesn't it say that it has rounded edges? I think I read that. it does look good, though. -ed.]

Rounded edges still won't save it for me. Check out those bottom corners and think about shoving your foot into one during a 2:00am walkabout.

Besides, it looks like the stuff in my Dad's old office at IBM.

But, hey, if it works for you -- and you have $5K burning a hole in your wallet -- got for it. Don't forget to forward pictures...

[That stuff in your--and my--Dad's old IBM office was most likely from Knoll. Shoulda grabbed it while we had the chance. -ed.]

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