August 30, 2005

Sam's Club Wooden Changing Table Saves You Mad Money

samsclub_changingtable.jpgAt Christie's auction house a couple of years ago, a desk designed by the late minimalist sculptor Donald Judd sold for $300,000. While he never designed a changing table (that I know of), if he did, it would've turned out much like this one, a commercial/day care center model from Sam's Club.

Of course, Judd would have made the screws flush with the surface, if not invisible. And he would've taken more consideration to matching the colors of the birch laminate more closely. And he probably wouldn't have added the paper towel rack. Other than that, though, it's pretty close.

So how much does the everyday low price at Sam's Club save you off the [admittedly hypothetical] original? Oh, about $299,525. More if you consider Christie's doesn't include shipping. I say God Bless America and it's endless appetite for a bargain.

Wooden Changing Table $475.27, shipping included, at Sam's Club
[, thanks to dt reader andy]

[Update: a suggestion from the comments:

If you like the whole Donald Judd thing,
´Print out the picture
´Customize to fit your own nursery
´Take to your local cabinetmaker, lumberyard, or millworker
´Support a local guy who is being put out of business by the big box stores, like Home Cheapo, Lowe's, Wal-Mart.
Now THAT is the American Way.]


That changing table looks like it could collapse at any time. For that much money, I would atleast like to think that it sturdy enough.

Sam's Club = Wal-Mart. No thanks.

Ferret out the manufacturer's name so we might buy it elsewhere.

[apparently, my "america loves a bargain above all else" critique was too open-ended. -ed.]

While you're at it, check out the WalMart toddler clothing selection. With the money you've saved buying the changing table and the kid's core wardrobe, you can buy more fleece liners for your second Cameleon

Or start saving for private school Pre-K

Re "Money you save..."

Or send a donation to Human Rights Watch or some group that helps the sweatshop kids who make this stuff

If you can afford a bugaboo, why stoop to shopping at wal-mart?

[The sweatshop is located in the US, so it's probably staffed by single moms with no health insurance or child care options, not kids. So in that sense, it's probably like almost every made-in-usa product around. As for me, I shop at Costco, so my conscience is doing just fine, thanks for asking. -ed.]

I bet Sam Walton was once "just a local guy" with an entrepreneurial spirit. Wal-Mart bashing, ah good times............

Addition to "Suggestion" above:

´Pay local, skilled worker $350 for his/her labor.
´Take nice pictures of new, custom changing table.
´Post pics to website (maybe and announce the arrival of a new, modern changing table.
´Take pre-orders for table, only $1699.00.
´Add Nest high chairs, Cameleons, SkipHop bags, Dwellbaby sheets, Flor tiles, and lots of Alessi crap to product list.
´License your brand to Target, Sears/K-Mart, or Wal-Mart.

Now that's the American way.

[lololol. thanks for leaking my business plan... -ed.]

Someone willing to admit they belong to Sam's Club could just go look at the changing table, write down the name of the manufacturer and the model name or product number, and report back. Unless this is an exclusive Sam-Mart/Wal-Club product, you can buy it from someone else.

[that'd be great. I can't find it online. you can email me anonymously, if you must, but I really don't see what the big deal is about "admitting" you go to Sam's Club. -ed.]

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