August 30, 2005

Pervy Miffy

Not a huge fan of the character-laden gear, but I was buying all sorts of amusing lunch stuff for the kid--like perforated seaweed sheets to make the kid's rice ball into a soccer ball, teeny little soy sauce containers for her lunchbox, d'oh--so I got her this Miffy and Melanie canvas lunchbox.

When we finally opened it a few days later, I was shocked, shocked, to see the other side. Needless to say, the kid's not taking that to school.



So, are Miffy and Melanie both girls? So they're endorsing interracial lesbianism? Or just panty comparison? Interesting.

[looked like mardi gras to me. -ed.]

Oh dear,I AM hanging in the suburbs because when I saw the backside all I thought was cute pupiks! Now I'm wondering if I'm missing other pervy things along with eying the new format changes on The Wiggles and exactly what the hell is in that Tellietubbie custard that makes them so damn happy.

...don't forget Sponge Bob.

Come on, all these cartoon guys have been tweaked out since the beginning of time: Scooby Doo, Gumby & Pokey, HR Puff'n Stuff, That Train cartoon with George Carlin, etc.

What's the BFD?

Dig that purse, BTW. I think the Mrs. wants one. Besides, isn't "lesbian/mixed race" the new black that Prada is pushing this Fall?

[never goes out of style in nyc. -ed.]


A miffy fan. I must admit i just don't know what Mr. Bruna was thinking about when he draw miffy and melanie this way.

Mr bruna is not the "avantagarde" since he was very concerned about miffy being displayed in underpants like hello kitty.

That bag is very cool. My girlfriend would love it. I wanna know where you got it and failing that, can I buy it off you?... Please

[2) sorry, but no, the kid's using it to store her collection of Diet Coke kuma bear toys. 1) It's from Tokyu Hands, the awesome Shinjuku dept. store. Kitchen section. It's a lunchbox bag, but we threw away the box. Have you tried ebay? -ed.]

Seriously, you dads need to relax! It's a known fact that Miffy and the other Bruna animals are pretty asexual. I think Miffy is supposed to be a girl - but hey do you see any sexual characteristics on her?
I don't. So please let this innocent rabbit and her brown friend lift their panties - if it makes them happy!It's simple a really cool picture.
What I would like to know, where can I get this "pervy" bag!!

Interesting point, but I don't exactly recall "That train cartoon" being very suggestive... beyond anything else that would make your typical rambunctious person sit up straight anyway.

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