August 29, 2005

Vintage Activist Kids Clothing

zapata_baby.jpgAhh, the good old days, when activism meant debating the WTO late into the night at the anarchist bookstore. I'm sure there are all kinds of people who wish that we could turn back the clock to September 10th--or for some folks, to November 2000--and raise their kids in a simpler world.

For them, and for tireless community activists everywhere, there is Freedom Fits clothing, which offers beautifully designed images of Emiliano Zapata, Leila Khaled, Mumia Abu Jamal, or Frida Kahlo on onesies and kid's t-shirts.

Freedom Fits Clothing: Clothing for a Conscious Urban Lifestyle []


That's awesome! I actually had vague ambitions to make my babygirl a bunch of artist/activist-of-color onesies (sorry, snapsuits!) before she was born, but my ambition was bigger than my actual drive to do so, and have had to settle for the one Bob Marley onesie a iron-on-crazy friend made us. (And of course the "Other" onesie the same friend made--next to a check-box--to match my t-shirt.)

Ah, but the online store doesn't seem to have the Frida shirt in kids' sizes.

Another strike against living outside of a major metro area...

I didn't chime in on the "Baby Store Recommendations" competition because my favorite places are all online. So they're not really unique to my area. And I agree that BRU ain't all that. And even BRU is a long long drive from here.

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