August 29, 2005

Just Got A Black Cameleon & Wish You Got Red Instead?

What a coincidence. I just got a red Cameleon, and I wish I got black.

Don't get me wrong, the red is awesome; it's just that I seem to have forgotten the family council where we decided to get the black one.

So if you're up for swapping base fabric sets (not fleece), shoot me an email, and let's start swapping.


So you did succumb to the temptation?! I have a red Frog now and am on the fence about whether to get a Cameleon. Just curious what prompted you to purchase the Cameleon? Is it purely an upgrade or you want a Bugaboo in each city of domicile?

If you succeed in convincing me to get a Cameleon, Iíll buy the black base fabric and trade with ya!

We got our Cameleon some months ago, and we love it. It has taken pretty much everything we've put it through. William loves the cross bar in the front not only because his toys hang there but he can pull himself up a little more and see what's going on.

The only thing I would tell people to watch for is the extendable push bar. It is hard to tell if you have it tightened enough and if you don't have the bar pulled out evenly on both sides you will start to notice a bend in the entire push bar (fixed it by pushing the extension back inside and keeping it there for about 4 weeks to for the bar to bend back) and the seat won't be centered between the bars which can cause some problems with tilting.

Other than that we love our Cameleon. It is great for on the train, bus, car, or just walking along, and in January it will take its first airline trip for us so we'll see how well that works.

I posted your link on a board for Stoller swappers that I belong to. Hopefully someone will help you out with a good fabric swap. :)

OK I give up

We bought the Laura Croft nappy bag for the Cameleon. Now how do we attach it to the stroller?

Unless my (small) wife decides to go out looking like an overloaded pack horse - this will be a useless accesory except for the times I am out with em.

Cameleon / nappy bag - discuss!

Black base / red fleece & all black nappy bag

Any hacks? Customizations?

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