August 28, 2005

'Take the Baby from Your Wife, Now'

A breastfeeding mother was arrested mid-feed, allegedly roughed up, and made to spend the night in jail, even after other officers confirmed to her that the situation was an error, a case of mistaken identity.

Sounds bad, I know but it could've been worse. Like if he'd said, "Drop the baby and put your hands in the air," for example. Or the baby could've been imprisoned with the mother instead of going home with the dad. Fortunately, that kind of thing only happens on Dutch TV.

Breastfeeding Mom Arrested in Mistaken Identity


žIt all began when the Archuletas were pulled over during a routine traffic stop June 12.Ó

Does this mean they were driving WITHOUT the child in a car seat.
They should both spend the night in jail and charged with endangering the life of a child.

[um, reread the article and save the outrage for the cops. She started breastfeeding AFTER they got pulled over. She moved into the driver's seat and whipped it out while she was waiting for the trooper to check her license. I'm sure if they'd actually done anything wrong, the police'd be touting it as the reason to justify what happened. -ed.]

Spend the night in jail? Man, take it easy - a whole generation of people (hey probably yourself) never spent time in a car seat and look how well adjusted you are. Putting kids in a car seat is the right thing to do but it shouldn't be against the law if you don't.

Sometimes the herd does need to be thinned out

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