August 28, 2005

MondKutsche is German for 'Moon Coach'

mondkutsche.gifThis versatile, award-winning wooden toy was designed by Dunja Bauer, a German student who's described in one Google translation as "the nut/mother of two children."

I wouldn't have thought anything of it, except that the translation also points out that the Mondkutsche--or Moon Coach, after its half moon shape--is made by "handicapped humans" at Haus Hall, a German charitable institution. Maybe consideration and sensitivity haven't quite influenced the German language the way they have in English. Or maybe having two kids drives you nuts, who knows?

Anyway, the Mondkutsche converts from a Beetle-shaped cart, to a wagon, to a doll stroller, all by changing the position of the axles. Take the wheels off, and it becomes a rocking cradle. It's 60cm high and 33cm wide, so it's plenty big enough for a kid to play in.

It's EUR125 at, no clue about int'l shipping, though. The only non-German retailer I can find right now is, where it's EUR180.


Great design!, thanks for finding it.
I will look into carrying it in my store.

The German word for "nut" as in "Nuts and Bolts" is "mother" in direct translation - they are both "Mutter". Cool coach you found there. :)

We've been working to import these, but once again the manufacturer's concerns about the high cost of liability/insurance are really slowing things down.

[quote]Maybe consideration and sensitivity haven't quite influenced the German language the way they have in English.[/quote]

Or you need to stop using computerized translaters that NEVER work correctly.

A note to Pazit and Mark Eidsness: Can you post links or info. about your shops? Would like to check them out. Thanks!

[Pazit's shop is, and Mark's is -ed.]

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