August 25, 2005

Philips Address Recorder To Usher In Golden Era Of Free-Range Parenting

philips_in-touch.JPGYour kid's not old enough to one-button dial you on their Leapfrog phone, but you still want them to eventually find their way home at the end of the day? No problemm.

Wit the Philips SBC SC605 In-Touch Address Recorder, there's no need to keep your kids locked up in the house while you go out. Just record your home address, maybe a contact number--nothing longer than 20 seconds!--in this cute little pendant, pin it on your child's outfit (preferably in a place where burglary-prone pedophile kidnapperes won't spot it), and kiss all your worries goodbye.

If you're unconvinced, you can always stick a $20 in your kid's shoe and train her to play the recorder for the cabbie. [note: this might only work in NYC, where children learn to hail a cab before you even switch the Bugaboo from bassinet to seat mode.]

Philips In-Touch Address Recorder
[, via engadget and dt reader Alan]


In kindergarten, I was wearing the equivalent of a kiddie dogtag -- attached to a coat zipper or around the neck. Everyone in my class wore a metal tag containing name, address and phone number. We thought they were cool.

As a parent, why would I want a larger, bulkier, battery-operated version of the same thing for my child? Install a GPS tracker or a dial-home function and maybe I'm interested. Otherwise, this is an over-engineered solution.

Exactly. What does this solve that a label in the coat with your kid's name and your cell number wouldn't solve?

[well, Philips doesn't make any money when you just write your kid's name in there. -ed.]

To be fair, Philips doesn't make any money period. Probably because of their habit of turning a good idea (a name tag) into a very bad one (an electronic name tag). Maybe the cost of electronics has finally come down to the point of being cheaper than fabric and a sharpie?

You know the small children you see wearing a dog-like leash at the zoo, or at the fair? Well, now there is a dog-tag to go along with the leash.

Now all I have to do is rename my child Fido.

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