August 22, 2005

Say It Together, Williamsburg: "MiniJake, You Complete Me"

More spawning in that great, hipster breeding ground known at Williamsburg. This time, it's sweet modern destination Two Jakes who are celebrating their offspring, Minijake, a shop specializing in gear for converting the far corner of your loft from a DV editing suite into a nursery. So far, from their website, it looks like they're stocking things like furniture from hometown favorites Argington and Offi, domestic classics like kid-sized Emeco aluminum chairs (originally designed for the Yellow Submarine, I guess), and imports like Mozzee's Nest high chair (check out its eggy goodness in person) and Vitra tchotchkes. Also in store, the Holz-Hoers woodenbike, of which more will be said later.

In grand European tradition, they've let little Minijake wander down the street from the original store; it's at 242 Wythe Ave.

Good luck, get some sleep, Jakes!

Minijake, modern furniture for kids []
Two Jakes mid-century modern office furniture []


Something I've noticed on all these sites is the paucity of affordable, decent looking beds for small kids.

IKEA has a new one that is nice and simple, but that's about it (it's a platform bed lookalike with a compartment (?) for the box spring and about half the mattress, so the mattress clears the top of the frame by about 2 inches not in the new catalog).

Cameron, I know exactly what you mean. Why is it all so expensive?! I'm currently trying to decorate my soon-to-be-born son's nursery. Much as I'd like to outfit the room in a combination of Oeuf, Nurseryworks and Netto Collection, I'm going to have to spend our money on essentials, like the almost 100 diapers I've been told these rugrats go through!

We're being given a friends old crib and a bunch of other stuff but we're willing to spend some dollars on one good storage piece which can double as a makeshift changing table. It has to be kid friendly too, no lovely wood pieces that show every scratch.

We've been eyeing the BLU DOT MODULICIOUS and STRATA series online. The STRATA series has sliding rubber cabinet doors and the frame is made of plywood. Has anyone seen these in the flesh? How is the sliding? Nice and smooth or does it stick annoyingly like my mom's old wood sideboard? The MODULICIOUS has metal doors and is pricier. Any opinions on either of these series?


When did we start calling yuppies hipsters?

[it's a subset of yuppies, although the 'professionals' part is up in the air with hipsters. Otherwise, it was when Pabst started to get cool. -ed.]

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