August 22, 2005

Book Review Contest: Mice Squeak, We Speak; Munch, Munch; Tails

Reviewer: Amy Johnson

writes, "At 6 months old, our daughter had apparently developed a preference in
her bedtime book selection, Mice Squeak, We Speak.. Over the next 6
months, she's expanded her interest into the lift-the-flap and
touch-and-feel books. Our 3 favorite, most worn-out animal books are
as follows":
Mice Squeak, We Speak [amazon link]
Author/Illustrator: Arnold Shapiro/ Tomie dePaola
We like the rhythm of the poem which outlines some of the lesser known animal sounds, "Coyotes howl," and "Bears snore" while still covering the typical "Cows moo," and "Lions roar" bases too. At first, Lucy liked the pages with the kids the best, but now, it's more of a race to see if mom or dad can read as fast as the pages are being turned.

Sturdy, board book construction has made this the book that goes with
us on every outing.


Title: Munch, Munch [amazon link, also check the UK publisher]
Author/Illustrator:Melanie Walsh
This was a life saver during our trip to London. In Munch, Munch,
Walsh educates the reader on the eating habits of the various animals
and introduces a list of word alternatives for "eat" (e.g. gnaws,
slurps, chomps and pecks). The cutouts are strong enough for little
hands and the bold colors maintain the readers attention. Walsh's
other books demontrate cause & effect, before & after and even address
monsters & reality. We were most grateful for the entertainment
provided to the peek-a-boo-loving child while traveling.


Title: Tails [amazon link]
Author/Illustrator: Matthew van Fleet

Tails is a hands-on book of textures for tots. Pangolins and
peacocks, porcupines and pandas all have their own "tale" to tell. As
Lucy's dexterity has improved and her independence has increased,
she's shown delight in pulling the tabs to make things move. Each page
pairs up animals with contrasting features. The last couple pages
outline some counting features which could be useful for older
readers. Our daughter's busy hands never tire of turning these pages.
The illustrated animals have unique expressions which may help
stimulate conversations on emotions. Again, hard-cover construction
and thicker pages mean this book can take a beating.

Yeah, those open-up flaps don't fare as well around our house; the kid's ripped more than her fair share.

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