August 21, 2005

Thanks to Cameleon, Bugaboo Must Now Match Belt, Shoes

"...since the salesman also informed me and my husband that one customer bought the fleece in every color."
- via DT reader Dianne, who saw the new Bugaboos at Manhattan's Buy Buy Baby

Money and bad taste: they go together like a pink fleece on a black base.


Pink on the RED base would be much MUCH worse.

[but not in February... I'm beginning to see marketing brilliance at work here. And a designer aftermarket opportunity. -ed.]

I think I know that very aggressive salesguy at buybuybaby new york .... who does the little bugaboo presentation and then almost guilts you into buying it. Does anyone else know who I'm talking about?

I'm so glad we bought the original Frog - I'm not much of a fan of either the Cameleon or the Gecko. Those color combos really leave something to be desired. And how many people are really going to be changing the suspension? One setting for carpeting and one for hardwood or concrete sidewalks?

That's why I'm going to try and snatch up a Black Frog to go with my Sand frog before they're all and tan goes down well (heh), but black is of course The New Black.

Well, at least the Sand Frog matches the Black and Tan Jetta...too bas the Primo Viaggio doesn't come in the same colors. I suppose I'll have to break out the old sewing machine.

So, can we expect the Frogs to go on sale...?

[or to command a premium, judging by some of the old-school Frog loyalist comments around here. Stock up and sell them on ebay later, just like early Star Wars figurines. -ed.]

I thought the black and pink looked cool...

We went with blue base and black top, with Maxi-Cost Cabrio seat.

The extra height on the pushbar is great, so is the bigger storage area. We'll see how the fleece holds up.

For those who need to match their shoes and purse: the "Black" base color is really gray, not black.

I am trying to figure out whether or not to buy the cameleon or the frog, the colors of the cameleon are hideous I don't know why they don't give you the option of having a normal colored stroller but I worry about the resale value of the frog and buying replacement parts for the frog. Is the cameleon new design that much better than the frogs? Has anyone heard if the frogs will go on sale? a few places have no shipping or tax.

We went through the agony you are feeling. For months. I spent whole nights on dt and google trying to work it out. I am six foot four and the only reason I could find for getting the cameleon was for the extendable handle - and i tried the frog to see if it felt at all short - it didn't, really. I think they're just offering a "premium" product and a "entry" product - which actually both represent worse value than the frog, which we bought, and will finally take delivery of next week. (In blue, if you're interested). End of sleepless nights.

I had a black Frog and then bought a Cameleon. I have ended up keeping the Frog and selling the Cameleon. I just didn't like it as much, the fleece attracts dust and fluff, the adjustable front suspension was something I never used and once the handle bar was fixed into position - no-one could be bothered to alter it again no matter how tall they were. The basket is bigger but what you gain from this - you loose from the fact that the bag clips don't fit on the thinner Cameleon handle bar. [!! -ed.] I just feel that the Cameleon has lost the "cuteness" of the original, that along with the better colors and better fabric just add up to the Frog being a better product in my opinion. Bigger isn't always better - its just more!..........

what color are availalable for the frog but NOT availalable for the cameleon?

[almost all solid colors except red, a different blue, black... now they're two-toned, not solid. -ed.]

The Frog is available in black, navy blue and aubergine, among other colors (here in the UK). The Cameleon base does not come in black - it is grey. I just prefer the subtler colors and the fabric of the frog which is all hard wearing stuff and not fleece.

I too am going through the agony of which to choose - the Cameleon or the good old Frog. I have bought 3 strollers to this point, always wanting the Bugaboo but my partner saying no. Now it seems I may be allowed one as my purchase of the Quinny Zapp was so spot on (it's FABulous!).

I can get a Frog here in Australia for $280 less than retail and have it in my hot little hands by the end of September (that's when I can get it for that price).

For the Cameleon, which isn't released here until November, I either have to buy it off eBay, which presents warranty/guarantee problems, or ship it in from the Netherlands sight unseen. Of course the other option is to simply wait....but I don't wanna!! My son is already 6 months old and I want him to get the most use out of it.

I'm 5ft 7in so the adjustable handlebar of the Cameleon isn't an attractive feature to me - I'm just concerned my son will grow out of the Frog before I'M willing to part with it!!

I'm going mad mad mad. Help.

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