August 20, 2005

I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke, But There's No Drink Holder

The Europeans wonder why anyone'd want to carry hot coffee near their precious baby's head, or why there aren't more cafes in the US, where you sit and enjoy a nice bite with your family.

The Americans--like DT reader Brian--wonder where the Dutch find all this time to loaf around in cafes drinking tiny espressos when you could be getting two things done at once.

Some day, when we all understand each other a little better, and the world gets a little closer together, that's when we'll see sweet-looking cupholders and snack trays for the Bugaboo. Something to work towards, don't you think?


you are losing relevance. daily.

[somebody asks for a bugaboo snack tray, I just pass it along. if that's what it takes for a dad to get more involved with his kid, it's enough for me. -ed.]

Our doctor, who happens to be Dutch, claims that Europeans leave their sleeping babies home alone when they go out to cafes and was encouraging us to follow suit. Now I can say I listen to about 98% of what he tells me.

Cup holders? Don't hold your breath.


Relevant to what? How relevant does DT need to be for you? You want relevance, read the NY Times.

I'm hoping you're DT's webmistress and you're just pulling his chain. If not, you need to take a Xanax.

I had a German co-worker once who told me the same thing, that he & his wife would leave their young child at home alone while they went out for a drink or dinner at a restaurant... that this was common practice "over in Europe" and he didn't understand why Americans were so uptight about leaving their children home alone. ?!?!? I just didn't have the words to respond, I was so in shock. Needless to say, that is one european attitude I will not adopt.

I do agree w/ them that coffee should be enjoyed in a leisurely setting, tho. My cupholder is used for water...

let's hope you don't "go running for the shelter of your mother's little helper" whenever your youngster disagrees w/ your thinking.
open your mind before your mouth.

[this is not my beautiful wife, and I'm happy to ask myself, "My God, what have I done" and entertain the possibility of my own irrelevance, but I gotta say, there are few sources of parenting advice less credibile to me than that apotheosis of Boomer self-absorption, Mick Jagger. -ed.]

It seems strange that a mommy type is judging the relevance of a site for daddy types...

There will *never* be a cupholder on our Frog. Period.

Oh, and the reason we Yanks don't hang out so much at cafes is that the coffee sucks, and so do the pastries...unless you're talking about La Colombe in Philly. What I wouldn't give for a branch of Tazza d'Oro (Via degli Orfani, 8, Roma, if you haven't been there, unless your a fan of that *other* cafe on the other side of the Pantheon) over here...

Relevance? This issue has stalked me for months.

In all the sites in all the world, how can there not be a cupholder! This injustice cannot stand. I have been using a half unzipped diaper bag as a holder (or should I say a spiller) for 7 months now. When will my suffering end?

Save me DT. You are my last hope.

[huh? Sorry, just catching up on the latest about Courtney Love's pregnancy... wait, what's the question? -ed.]

Öleave their sleeping babies home aloneÖ
Öleave their young child at home alone... common practice "over in Europe"!

Well, I must argue that this is attitude is not common in Europe. No one I know, whether American, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, French, GermanÖ living in the US or in Europe, leaves their children unattended while they go out for dinner or coffee. Do you honestly think that any sensible parent would do such a thing!?

- Johan

Why don't you guys just buy a BOB cupholder? That's what the europeans are buying for the Bugaboo's right now. And since this is only sold in US we have to import them from you.

When we were at Buy Buy Baby last week, a Valco cupholder was clipped to the new Bugaboo Cameleon model. It looked like it fit and matched the stroller just fine because it was black.

I'm Dutch and I never leave my children home alone (if i would do that Arwen would take the house down)

i now from some mothers that the leave there childeren home alone to pick up their kids from school (they live about 5 minutes away) the baby is sleeping in her crib

Personaly, even if i would live next to the school, i would never left my kids home alone, what if there is a fire when your away?

My sister's house burned down when she was running an errand (just a few minutes) she was so happy she took her daughter with her.

[I wonder if your sister's fire influenced your decision not to leave your kids home alone. -ed.]

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