August 19, 2005

Listening to Reason on Gay Adoption

If an angel has appeared to you and told you that children are somehow better off in the foster care system than they are with gay parents, please come forward now with such important information.

Otherwise, based on the facts, logic, and firsthand accounts of foster parents, social workers, gay parents, and child development researchers in this article from Reason magazine, it seems like letting gay folk adopt will save a lot of children from a world of hurt.

All Happy Families [, via dt reader jj]


I couldn't agree more with you.

A funny little story with a moral... I was passing through L.A. 10 years ago and stayed with a friend for the week. A couple of the days I volunteered at the organization he worked for, which delivered meals to AIDS patients unable to leave their house. I helped out in the kitchen those days preparing the lunches. The funny part is that there was an older homosexual couple talking about their grown son and his 'normal' family. They were doting over their grandchildren, as all grandparents do, and made the off-hand comment, "I don't know what we did wrong raising him, but somehow he turned out straight." We all just cracked up (which is what they intended), but it drove home the point. They're just regular people too.

As long as they qualify and will provide a good home, all people, no matter race, color, creed or sexual persuasion should be able to adopt children.

If gay parents can raise a kid good then its good for the kids. Its also up to the government bringing in strict regulations on drugs. This is for democracy countries. communism countries might be harsh on their people but there is morality.

Once a parent either gay/bi/heterosexual takes alcohol or any drugs and abuse it on the baby (the adopted child), then this will wreck the child for his/her life.

Imagine gay men parents doing it up the arse and then they want to try on the adopted baby because it brings good stimulation for them. This will stuff up the child real bad.

anything can happen when a child is brought up with a good or bad adopted parents or biological parents. Once the parents are influenced by drugs, gambling etc. this will wreck the child's psychological life.

If there is a good adotpion test in democracy countries and favour the child then its good for the child.

[wtf? -ed.]

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