August 19, 2005

Book Review Contest: Madlenka


Title: Madlenka
Author/Illustrator: Peter Sis
Reviewer: Holly Salmon

ìIn a universe, on a planet, in a country, in a cityÖî

Madlenka, by Peter Sis, has to be my favorite book in my sonís little library. The story is one of a little girl in the city who walks around the block to tell all of her friends that her tooth is ìLoooooooose!î Each storekeeper on the block greets Madlenka in a different language (Bonjour to Tashi Dalek to Guten Tag) and the pages are illustrated with images from the different countries.

This is not a book to be read and repeated ten times in a row, but one to be perused and talked about and read differently every time you pick it up. Maybe that is why I donít mind reading it every night before bedÖ

It also is really meant for older children---our babies are just now getting teeth, not losing them---but the beautiful illustrations, the colorful characters, the interesting anecdotes really appeal to our whole family, and we look forward to reading about Madlenkaís trip around the block for many more years to come.

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