August 18, 2005

Hey You, In The Old T-Shirt. Help Is On The Way

Oy. We're back home, after a 20-hr door-to-door trip from Japan (the kid slept for about 9 or so of the most crucial of those hours: the ones on the plane. Thanks, kid, for being so good and generally quiet. [Ultimately, it's not realistic--or even important--if your kid is quiet on the plane. All you really need is for her to be quieter than the other kids on the plane.]

Anyway, this was supposed to be just a quick heads up to people who've ordered daddy type t-shirts in the last couple of weeks; your shirts are in the mail. Or they will be as soon as the post office opens.

And to those of you who were waiting until DT logistics & fulfillment were up & running before placing your orders, that day is at hand.

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