August 18, 2005

Audi Q7: An SUV I'll Post About

With some rare exceptions, I'm not a fan of the SUV's. They don't need any publicity from me, and I'm only too happy to oblige by ignoring them. And there are plenty of plenty cool wagons and urban transport-type...
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Glamajama Rhinestone Baby Clothes: Your BeDazzling Days Are Over

Finally, someone's thinking of the dads. No more sleepless nights and blistered thumbs. No more combing the Internet for new designs, or driving all over town looking for replacement studs. No more pangs of guilt [I mean, come on. Doesn't...
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Coach Snoop Rocks LA's Little League Football World

A couple of years ago, a dad named Snoop Dogg got involved coaching his sons' little league football team in Los Angeles. The team got new uniforms, a thumpin' bus, and a lot of attention. Now, Snoop has broken from...
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Art: Stephen Hendee For Kids

A few months back, NY Mag did a feature on the apartment of friend-of-many-friends and art world gadabout Yvonne Force, her husband Leo Villareal. They put an awesome crystalline wall sculpture by Stephen Hendee over their kid's crib. [note...
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BIY* Marcel Breuer Coloring Book *Bind It Yourself

I think you'd need bigger scans to actually make these original Marcel Breuer sketches into the coloring book they were intended to be, but it's worth a try. Above: Breuer designed the logo for the New Haven Railroad. Original...
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Hey You, In The Old T-Shirt. Help Is On The Way

Oy. We're back home, after a 20-hr door-to-door trip from Japan (the kid slept for about 9 or so of the most crucial of those hours: the ones on the plane. Thanks, kid, for being so good and generally quiet....
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