August 16, 2005

NYC Streets To Stroller Pushers: How'm I Doin'?

Well, almost. Transportation Alternatives, a non-profit advocacy group for NYC's oppressed and downtrodden masses, aka pedestrians, cyclists, and other street-using types, is asking City residents with strollers to grade their neighborhood streets for stroller-friendliness.

"We've launched the survey to collect opinions from around the city about strollering conditions, and to see what changes need to be made to better accommodate parents with strollers on our streets," emails the TransAlt rep.

And although the survey doesn't mention strollers on buses or subways, or accommodating nannies with strollers, and it focuses on "your neighborhood," not "the city," I guess you gotta start somewhere. It looks like it's worth a couple of your thoughtful minutes. And they only want your zip code, so you don't have to make up a fake email address or anything.

NYC Stroller Survey []

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