August 16, 2005

Book Review Contest: Who's Peeking?


Title: Who's Peeking?
Author/Illustrator: Charles Reasoner
Reviewer: Laura McMullan

My vote for the best interactive book for a destructive 6-18 month old
is this simple board book. "Who's Peeking?" is the best alternative
to the lift-the-flap (i.e. tear-the-flap-off-the-book), pop-up (i.e.
rip-up) book problem in our house. This book came a long right as our
9 month old was learning how to peek-a-boo by herself, and was a
blessing in disguise (in design?) as it is a very very tough little
book! It works by allowing the board book pages to pull out and show
what animal is "peeking" at you. This is a great book if you have a
destructive little one like ours. She loves to "read" it to herself
and after a little work, was able to pull the pages apart. So far,
the book is totally intact and is fareing much better than any other
"intereactive"-type book that we have.
Check out Who's Peeking? at Amazon.

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