August 15, 2005

Roll These La Vaca and La Vaquito Cowhide Stools Right Over PETA's Toes

la_vaquita_lehner.jpgThese well-cushioned half-egg-shaped stools have little ball-bearing skatewheels on the bottom. And they're completely covered in genuine cowhide, just in case you're wondering why your vegan friends stopped coming over for playgroup.

La Vaca is the bigger one, and La Vaquita is the kid-sized version, but they really only work together, when it looks like a little furniture family. Those insidious designers, always manipulating you into dropping another grand on kid furniture you didn't even think you needed five minutes ago.

From what I can gather, La Vaca and La Vaquita were designed by Michael Lehner, and are made by a German design company called Freiraum. I hedge a bit only because they only have like two web mentions--one Japanese retailer, and Freiraum's own site, the "News" page of which hasn't been updated in 5+ years.

If you're in the mood for beef, then, email By Trico before plopping down your money. La Vaca is 100,000 yen, and La Vaquita runs 59,000. Yikes.

La Vaca and La Vaquita are for sale at By Trico
Freiraum Design main site has the same art as Trico.

1 Comment, do these come bundled with a Junior NRA membership?

[maybe a 4-H membership. -ed.]

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