August 14, 2005

Book Review Contest: The Gas We Pass


Title: The Gas We Pass
Author/Illustrator: Shinta Cho
Reviewer: Kevin VanderWerf

What can you say about a book called ëThe Gas We Passí? What I should say is, where should I start? I came across this book about 2 years ago when my wife and I were at the bookstore. She basically demanded that I get it for her, for Christmas. This book is a great read for younger children and it helps teach them that farting is normal and healthy. The book quickly describes what causes you to fart and generally what it is. Little boys are likely to enjoy this book more but girls will so as well. The best part of this book is that it proves that all living things fart, including women!
Check out The Gas We Pass and another Shinta Cho title, The Holes In Your Nose, at Amazon


I love this book. I often wonder if it's OK, or if I'm being immature. It's hilarious. They also have a book called "Everybody Poops" which is also good.

But you didn't answer the question, how does the Bugaboo Frog withstand the Gas We Pass?

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