August 14, 2005

Book Review Contest: "More More More," Said the Baby


Title: "More More More," Said the Baby
Author/Illustrator: Vera Williams
Reviewer: Buck

Says Buck: "The baby books we own fall into two categories: 1) ubiquitous gifts--I think we have three editions of GM, but we might have four-- and 2) Used pop-up books from my sister's kids, which are so destroyed I don't know why I haven't thrown them out yet.

"This review has already inspired me to buy a few more, including the one I'm reviewing, so it's already had a benefit. I just hope people can stay away from recommending some amazingly illustrated children's book that is out of print and sells used for the prize of Bugaboo."

I have no idea how well-known or popular this book is, although being part of the Caldecott Collection, I assume it's not too obscure. I consider a new book to be a hit with my daughter if she pays attention to it with something other than her mouth (not that I mind some board book chewing). By that definition, this book is a winner, since I think Buckette wants to climb into the illustrations, while Goodnight Moon is a chew toy first and foremost. The actual text is more of a starting point for a parent-child game, which I quite enjoy. Rather, I enjoyed; I checked this book out of the library, and I need to buy a copy.
Check out "More More More," Said the Baby at Amazon, or check it out at your local library--via Amazon--using Jon Udell's LibraryLookup bookmarklet.

Have you written your baby book review yet? Despite what it may look like, you don't actually have to mention Bugaboos to enter.


We have this book. Unfortunately, we're at the age where we only read board books, because paper books get torn.

Of course, now that she has top teeth, the board books get eaten.

I should review a few books not on their literary or entertainment value, but on their taste and texture...

That's why I stopped checking out paper books from the library. Buckette can transform a paper bookpage (or a bill, or a receipt, or a post-it with a phone number) back into pulp in about two seconds.

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