August 12, 2005

Born To Be Your Baby Stroller


If you were thinking that not only is New York City full of snobs, but New Jersey's plenty close, you can go in any time you want, and it's got a better quality of life... And besides, you're tight with the guy at Chili's now, so you don't even have to wait most nights...

If you were thinking you like the basic look of the Bugaboo, sure, but you're not the fruity type to sweat the details...

If you're wondering what comes after Grand Theft Auto (GTA)...

Or if you like the Bugaboo, but you used to work on the docks,
UnionÝs been on strike...

And if you were thinking a fancy stroller'd be nice and all, but only it were somehow associated with the drummer from Bon Jovi...

Tommy, if you've been living on this prayer, take my hand, you're halfway there. Just hang on until October.

The GT Baby, courtesy of Tico Torres and his Rock Star Baby company.


I'm thinking about buying this stroller, does anyone have it? love it? hate it?

This is a re-branded Torck... also very similar (same?) as the I'Coo Infinity. We're super designer-nerds and we know better (can't afford) the Bugaboos... but this is the best deal we've found for:

- bassinet
- reversable seat

Other than the Rock Star Baby it would have to be the Quinny Buzz, which would be +$150 more including the bassinet.

Still, it's surprising there are no reviews on this site. It's gottten good review elsewhere. I'm sensing design elitism. It's pretty much a poor man's Bugaboo and a pretty good value. Jon Bon Jovi aside, what's not to like?

[not at all, well, mostly not. I've written about Torck, Hauck, i'coo, and the RSB. But honestly, except for a couple of people making frankly fake-sounding comments like "wow, what's with all the buzz for this hot hot stroller??" I just haven't heard anything about the RSB anywhere. Nor have I seen one in person. There are tons of interesting strollers I don't write much about--Mutsy, Jane, Bebeconfort, just to name three--primarily because they're not in the US. As to your specific question, what's not to like is the giant RSB monogram. RSB talks big, but all I've seen is a couple of self-promoting onesie designs and a couple of shipping containersful of Belgian and German strollers. How much more consideration should that get? -ed.]

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