August 11, 2005

Muji Summer Camp

Muji's crossing over into cult territory, but at least it's a happy, well-designed, logo-free, ecologically sound, economical cult.

Muji Summer Camp has two sessions, and you already missed one. [The next one is Aug. 23-25, 3 days/2 nights.] It sounds basically like an archetypal summer camp, where elementary school-age kids growing up in an overwhelmingly urban environment spend a little time in nature, doing outdoorsy things and sleeping in tents. Muji tents [d'oh, they're gone.].

The website's in Japanese only, duh, but you can get a sense of things by clicking around.

It's 39,000 yen per kid if you're using the Muji campground next door, 44,000 yen if you're not. Yes, there's a Muji campground, too. And they rent you everything you need, in little 4-person kits.

Are you ready to sign your life and your vacation over to Muji?

Muji Outdoor
, where the Muji 2005 Summer Jamboree is being held, 8/19-21

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Ah yes, camping, Japanese style. Nothing says more about a culture than the fact that you can rent your tent, cooking utensils, and even buy your food from the campground...

And of course, if you're still hungry after the obligatory yakisoba meal set has been fried up in the (overdesigned) bbq area, you can always hop in the car and pop over to the nearest convenience store... :)

Having said that, my wife's uncle has a hardcore campground 7000 feet above sea level in the Japanese "Alps", where you have to bring everything in (and take it home) yourself... I shouldn't be so cynical. And after living in a shoebox, a rented tent in the Japanese outdoors is pretty nice...

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