August 11, 2005

Book Review Contest: The Eye Book


Title: The Eye Book
Author/Illustrator: Theodore Le Sieg/ Joe Mathieu
Reviewer: bobw at beulah land [aka]

I've been blessed with only one eye, so when I saw The Eye Book at the store, I just couldnít resist (having never shied from joking about my cyclopsness). And much to my delight, it turned out to be our boy's first favorite book. At 10 months or so, he would toss aside the vast array of inferior books, and hand it to one of us with a "dee?" (that I interpret as "please daddy, read me this one.")

It's not just the pictures and words I like, but also the format of the "Bright & Early Board Book" series. Dont tell Grandma, but I'm not a big fan of the huge boards that occupy 4 square feet. These are a perfect size for little hands and will stash away in just about any pocket. And they're not annoyingly tiny either. A very satisfying size.

As far as the story goes, it's one of the few I donít mind reading multiple times, as the pictures are engaging and cute, and the lilting rhymes never seem to grow old. I especially like how it builds in the end to an all-out celebration of sight. I'm sure that as our kids start to read that they'll appreciate this one even more.

Check out The Eye Book and other Bright & Early Board Book titles at Amazon [amazon]

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