August 10, 2005

Stroll-Lights To Pimp Yo' L'il Thug's Whip

stroll-lights_1.jpgBe Seen...Be Safe... Be Gettin' Maaaad Play, Day-um... With Stroll-Lights.

Canada's Borderline Technologies sells these electroluminescent wires in six colors as a safety device, a way to make your stroller visible on "evening or early morning walks. Even in the rain, fog, or snow..." And those little glass tubes with paper roses in them at the liquor store cash register are just decorations for your dashboard. Riight.

Although there's clearly some wacked out Canadian law that prohibits them showing it on their website, Stroll-Lights are designed to go underneath your stroller seat, so that they cast a wicked neon street glow on the ground below.

If you're worried about such things, Stroll-Lights deploy the most advanced stretch limo-decorating technology to provide no-heat, all-weather, battery-operated sweetness. Put these on the kid's whip, and your baby mamma won't be after you for shoe money for a month, at least.

Stroll-Lights in 3-ft ($CND 32) and 6-ft ($39CND) lengths
[, via dt reader Adam]


The Spinners! Don't forget about the SPINNERS!!!!

[Any reference to Britney Spears and the ridiculous publicity stunt Silver Cross pram she "received" on the Ellen Degeneres Show is a violation of Daddy Types' "Britney Fetus-Free Zone" status and has been deleted. -ed.]

Now I can have a stroller that matches my Tron cycle! Any word on glowing onsies and diapers yet?

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