August 10, 2005

Book Review Contest: First Book of Sushi


Title: First Book Of Sushi
Author/Illustrator: Amy Wilson Sanger
Reviewer: Delia [blog: eliaday]

This First Book of Sushi is perfect for any post-pregnancy moms that were dying for 9 months of so without their sushi fix. The bright
colors and sharp patterns are great for babies, as are the playful
rhymes. And, reading about all different kinds of sushi will get the
whole family in the mood for food. I've even seen my daughter trying
to pick at the grains of rice in the book. Now rice is one of her
favorite foods!! Sushi will be next I'm sure. Any fans of Urban
Babies Wear Black
will be sure to enjoy this read.
There's a line that goes, "Wasabi hot hot hot," that we use all the time. Nothing is ever "hot" for the kid; it's always "hot hot hot."

Check out First Book Of Sushi and the rest of the World Snacks series at Amazon []
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We've got this one, and have noticed that "hot, hot, hot" is now part of our language too. It's a great book.

I just picked up "Yum Yum Dim Sum" by the same author. Same great rhyme-scheme, cool pictures and tour of Asian foods. And the content of the book doesn't spill onto the back cover (as it does with the Sushi book) - a personal pet-peeve of mine.

[yeah, that was very fishy. heh -ed.]

Our nearly 10 month old, Sophia, has enjoyed this since she was brand new. The rhythm of the text and the great pictures have kept her attention for months. Still a fave -- and my husband and I have it memorized, which cracks her up when we're on the town and we recite it. (Cracks my family up too)

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