August 8, 2005

Magazine Industry To Dads: Take Your Balls And Go Home

"Baby Mags Experience a Boomlet" [Mediaweek, via DT reader Christy]:

...Moms moms moms moms baby magazine boom moms moms moms women women moms spending lifechange moms moms advertising moms moms busy moms financial services moms work moms moms moms baby automotive moms moms Cookie moms moms moms moms moms baby boomers moms moms....


In the UK, we have a magazine, FQ (Fathers Quarterly) which is aimed at dads. I've only bought a couple of copies, but it's pretty good. I'm not sure they have a website.

My dad, a retired OB/GYN, brought me a copy of Bundle last night, saying that "I'll bet you'll find something interesting in there." I just rolled my eyes and said, "Uhhh, yeah...thanks Dad."

FQ does have a website. It's

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