August 8, 2005

iDuck, iDog, iGiveUp


Dress your kid up like an iPod, fine. There's nothing cuter. But we have to draw the line somewhere. And if it's not at the iDuck--a silly silver rubber duck with a water-activated LED in its stomach that was probably gathering dust on a warehouse shelf until some duck marketer realized it was iPod-colored, and decided to rename it and put it in a cube-shaped box--then it's at the iDog, a toy from Sega that gets your hopes up really high--in order to poop on them.

idog.jpegI saw the iDog last week in Shinjuku department store and thought, "Sweet, an mp3-playing mini-Aibo." Ahh, no. The iDog "sings" music the way your cell phone did three cell phones ago, and it's moves its head like a flea-bitten animatronic reindeer in a third-tier mall's Santaland display. It DOES play MP3's though, or any other format of audio that uses a minijack. Like the iDuck, this seems like an otherwise forgettable product that's trying to rub a little of that iPod magic on itself.

iDuck, aka the Duck formerly known at the white Glow In The Duck
, is 7 pounds, plus shipping, from the punsters at Locomocean [, via gizmodo]
iDog, aka the Least Efficient Way To Waste 4,200 yen, is 4,200 yen []

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