August 8, 2005

Baby Clothes For The Geek Brother Demographic

ipood.jpgJ!NX, for "Gamers, Geeks & Hackers," has a small selection of very geeky baby creepers aimed, not at geek parents, necessarily, but at geek uncles and friends, people still a looong ways away from any actual spawning activity of their own.

The creeper that caught the eye of DT reader Nolan [who gets mad play, I'm sure] is the iPood. It's what I envisioned when I first saw the iPod Onesies link last week: a silhouette of a baby sportin' some white headphones.

From there, you need a log scale to plot the geekiness, though. As if a "Level 0 Human" shirt, listing all the kid's attributes as if he were a character in some role-playing game, weren't geek enough, the description says,

the avid J!NX gamer will inevitably flame this design with questions such as "Wouldn't a baby be level 0?", or "What is its class? Mage? Rogue?", or "My baby's INT should be WAY higher!", or "Does that high Charisma give my baby the ability to lead up to 15 henchmen?"And they do, at some length.

xhunterxx sums the site up quite nicely in his comment on the "Hello, World!" creeper, which has a famously simple computer program printed on it: "I love the idea. If i ever get laid and have a kid i'll buy one." Good luck with that, my friend.

J!NX Baby Creepers and the Nooblet infant T-shirt are $14.95 each []
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That is too funny!!

Not quite as well done as these "iPoo" onesies.

[you're right. -ed.]

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